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Our country’s tax system is structured to benefit the wealthy and powerful few, while working families and small businesses carry the responsibility for the public services we all rely on, like good schools, transportation, and public health.

There are even deeper disparities in our tax system for women, people of color, and low-income communities. However, this is not just a federal issue.

Many of our state’s largest corporations and wealthiest individuals do not pay their fair share in state taxes. Some do not pay any state taxes at all. As hundreds of thousands of Maryland families struggled to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table during the worst months of the pandemic, a handful of billionaires got $7.3 billion wealthier.

These corporate loopholes and tax giveaways to the wealthy have cost our state $2.8 billion in desperately needed revenue over the last few years that could address existing gaps in services and support a strong recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have a historic opportunity to build a stronger, more equitable economy where we all share
in prosperity – regardless of who we are, where we live, or where we come from. We can raise the revenue needed to rebound our state’s economy and provide necessary resources to the families who are still struggling by closing the tax loopholes that allow big, profitable businesses and the wealthy to avoid paying their fair share.
Sign this petition to tell your legislators that it’s time to clean up our tax code to make sure all Marylanders pay their fair share for our public services.