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Get involved to help clean up our tax code to fund Maryland schools

No matter what we look like or where we come from, most of us work hard for our families. But as our work has made America prosper, a greedy few have rigged the rules to redirect resources from our communities to their country clubs, from our classrooms to their ballrooms, and from our public parks to their private jets. One of the ways they do this is through a tax system that asks less of the ultra-rich and corporations than working families and small businesses.

It’s time to demand our leaders make corporations and the wealthy pay what they owe through taxes. That’s how we show up for each other, delivering the quality schools, affordable healthcare and good-paying jobs that ensure all of our families can thrive.

Members of the Maryland Fair Funding Coalition is working to make a fair tax system a reality in our state. Join our email list to learn about ways you can help support legislation that fixes our upside-down tax system.

We will send regular updates on bills the Maryland General Assembly is considering that would help clean up our tax code and ensure large, profitable corporations and the ultra-rich are paying their fair share for the public services we all rely on. We will also reach out about ways you can get involved, like contacting your state legislators or attending a rally.

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