Clean up Our Tax Code to Fund Our Schools

Investing in our children’s future to build a thriving Maryland

Cleaning up Our Tax Code

Right now, our tax code is full of loopholes, placed there by special interests, that allow the wealthy and powerful few to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Fund MD Schools

If we clean up our tax code, the state can afford to improve our schools at a cost of less than $5 per month to typical Maryland families. 


Act now

Take action to ensure Maryland’s schools grant all children the same
The evidence is clear that investing in things like universal prekindergarten, expanded learning time, and one-on-one instruction for struggling learners will increase opportunity for children across the state and strengthen our economy in the long term. It is also clear that our schools cannot make these changes without additional resources. While our state’s best schools demonstrate what is possible when we invest in learning, Maryland’s current education system does not grant all children the same opportunities.
Our current system does not grant all children the same opportunities.
Maryland made significant progress during the early years of the 21st century, and our efforts paid off as test scores increased across our state.

Policymakers gradually cut school funding to balance the budget in the years after the Great Recession. Although they have since stopped making new cuts, underfunding is now baked into our education budget.

Fixing our tax code can immediately raise $1.4 billion per year


Create a more equitable tax system

Provide a great education to every Maryland student

Support thriving communities and a vibrant economy