Take Action

As Marylanders, we take pride in our schools. Right now they’re not always able to meet our high standards because too many of our school districts don’t have the resources they need. Students from low-income families and communities of color are the most likely to go to an under-funded school.

At the same time, we have an upside-down tax code that asks the least of those most able to pay, and which is full of loopholes placed there by special interests. These policies take away resources that could be going to our schools and other community priorities. If we take a few steps to clean up our tax code, we can raise the revenues to provide a world-class education to every student.

The Maryland Fair Funding Coalition is supporting a package of legislation that would close corporate loopholes, end ineffective tax breaks for special interests, and improve our upside-down tax code. Taking these steps would raise $1.4 billion per year to improve our schools and help communities in every corner of the state thrive, while ensuring big business and the wealthy pay their fair share.

Your voice will help us make these proposals a reality. Tell your state legislators you support fair funding to improve Maryland schools.