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Sample Twitter Posts

Maryland students deserve a great education. That’s why we need #FairFundingMD to make sure our schools have the resources they need to serve every student.

Great schools are essential for thriving communities. It’s time to clean up our tax code and invest in an education system that sets all Maryland students up for success. #FairFundingMD

We can’t fund a 21st century school system with a 19th century tax system. Let’s cleanup our tax code and invest in the #Blueprint4MD – with #FairFundingMD we can improve our schools.

Md. gives millions in tax breaks to large, profitable corporations that don’t need them – funds that should be going to our schools and other community priorities. Let’s clean up our tax code and pass #FairFundingMD now.

I want #MDGA2020 to invest in great schools, not tax breaks for special interests. Clean up our tax code and fund the #Blueprint4MD

Sample Facebook Posts

Choices the Maryland General Assembly makes this year will affect our state’s future for a generation. We need to invest in things like higher teacher pay, career and technical education, and free pre-K for everyone so that every child gets a great education. And we need to close the loopholes in our tax system that allow the powerful few to avoid paying their fair share, so we can improve schools and support other community priorities.

Our state resources should go to schools, health care, transportation, and the other essential services that allow our communities to thrive – not more tax breaks for big business and the wealthy and powerful few. Let’s make 2020 the year we clean up our tax code and invest in the things our families need: